"I can't say enough about the VIP experience with Lori. It was amazing! If you want to create a winning brand plan for your business, give Lori a call. She can take your idea and give you structure and strategy on how to market and sell to your target audience. She’s firm and holds you accountable and that is what most of us need. Thank you Lori! I am so excited to have your insight, expertise and accountability on this journey!" Dr. Jerrica Dodd, Jerrica Speaks Life Coaching

Dr. Jerrica Dodd
Atlanta, GA

"My VIP Strategy Session with Lori was just what I needed to get focused and learn how to drive sales in my business. I received clarity about my unique selling proposition and how to deliver a compelling sales pitch that results in new leads and clients. More importantly, I was given actionable tools and strategy suggestions to help me position my brand and my business for growth and future success." Pam Balentine, Viking Financial CPA Services

Pam Balentine, Viking Financial CPA
Atlanta, GA

"I'm so happy I decided to register for the Trailblazer Business Mastermind. The program has helped me to grow my business systematically and with purpose. The content Lori offers is strategic, thorough and easy to implement. Having access to an expert coach to get guidance and accountability has been priceless and very beneficial to me. I'm getting more ideal clients and not trying to serve everyone. Lori knows marketing and sales and she is able to help you turn your weakness into a strength. I wholeheartedly recommend the Trailblazer Business Mastermind."

Kimberly Ormsby - VIP Staging Atlanta
Atlanta, GA

"Before working with Lori, I didn't have an established brand or consistent core messaging. I needed to learn who I was as a business owner, the value I brought to the table and how to package my offerings. After working with Lori, I lost my brand shame and found my purpose in entrepreneurship. I was able to create a brand and website that I'm proud of as well as attract new paying clients with packages that met their needs and rewarded me for my expertise. I highly recommend Lori and her training programs; the Marketing for Trailblazers Bootcamp and the Trailblazer Business Mastermind." -Nyasha "Sha" Wooling

Nyasha Wooling, RYSE
Atlanta, GA

"Lori is an awesome business consultant and always the epitome of professionalism. She has taught me so much about best practices to brand myself, sell my services and attract new clientele using smart marketing strategies. After my work with Lori, I am proud to say that I gained new clients. I highly recommend her services."

Luretia Dany Craig, Red Robin Realtors
Atlanta, GA

"I'm glad I made the decision to work with Lori. Before working with Lori I was doing very well as a premier real estate agent in Atlanta. However, I knew I could be doing better. After signing up for VIP consulting, I realized what I was missing. I had major issues with marketing myself, business development and mindset issues which kept me from getting out of my own way. After working with Lori, I upgraded my revenue acceleration plan and closed 5 new properties (and one of them was a million dollar luxury listing in a coveted neighborhood), all within just a few months of Lori's strategic training. If you're ready to improve your results, shift to a winner's mindset and make more money, you must work with Lori."

Tangela Clark Lamptey, TC Lux Homes LLC
Atlanta, GA

"Lori is an awesome business coach who cares about helping her clients succeed. I've received tremendous value from attending her workshops and training events, particularly the Sponsorship Sales Secrets conference where she teaches entrepreneurs proven strategies to obtain corporate sponsors. I highly recommend you work with Lori if you want to grow your business."

Laurie Sossa, Southern Barter Club
Buford, GA

"Lori Manns works tirelessly to ensure that her clients succeed. I have found her programs (both in-person trainings and e-courses) very helpful as my research firm continues to grow. Lori brings great insight and solid expertise to every interaction she has with her clients and partners. I highly recommend working with Lori for your marketing and business development needs!"

Dr. Shanesha Brooks Tatum, Creative Research Solutions
Tucker, GA