Sales Training that gets results, in record time!

Would you like me to train your staff to have better results, a winning mindset and improved sales style as it relates to their core responsibilities and daily activities?


I am committed to use all of my 25+ years of experience, lead generation tactics, business development strategies, closing techniques and sales expertise to transform your staff into a top-producing team for success. One of my core business beliefs is that sales is about building quality relationsships based on trust. I truly believe that sales is soulful and true sales people get to the “heart of the matter” to build, nurture and develop an excellent customer experience. My training courses are perfect for managers training staff, people new to sales and also seasoned sales professionals who want to get better results than ever before.

  • Are you ready to have more prospects who connect with you from the word go…(meaning they feel understood and valued when they first meet you)?
  • Is the lack of having enough leads in your sales funnel preventing you from meeting your revenue goals?
  • Do you have a challenge of getting a consistent stream of referrals?
  • Do you find it difficult to up-sell or gain new sales from existing clients?

If you answered YES to one or any of the above questions, I have the perfect SALES SOLUTION for you.


Introducing…the Sales Mastery Success System.


With the Sales Mastery Success System, your team will learn how to:

✓ Develop a Winning Sales Mindset. Tap into the heart of sales by learning the #1 thing you must convey to win over a new customer.

✓ Enhance Communication, Speed up the KNOW, LIKE & TRUST factor by deepening rapport internally (staff) and externally (clients).

✓ How to overcome the biggest sales objections. Learn how to handle objections of every kind and ask for the sale (and get it.)

✓ How to Master the Sales pitch. You will finally be able to present with confidence. Learn how to use soulful and magnetic language to connect and improve the effectiveness of in-person meetings.

✓ Define your target market. You won’t waste time trying to sell to the wrong crowd.

✓ Establish sales rituals. These are the generation techniques that will help you prospect in the right places and keep your sales funnel full. You’ll learn all about cold calling, when to make follow up calls and how to have successful sales calls.

✓How to build relationships with your core customer base.

✓How to be seen as an industry expert and resource.

✓How to Showcase success stories that make customers line up to sign up.

✓How to find hidden revenue from repeat clients and cross selling and new market segments.

✓How to Master the SOFT-CLOSE.

✓Post sale methodology. What to do after the sale and important ways to follow up.


When your sales representatives complete this training they will:

✓ Have a renewed sense of confidence with no limiting beliefs so they are able to produce high-level results.

✓ Have a new appreciation for their jobs and connect with your brand whole-heartedly with a sense of pride and commitment.

✓ Be empowered to set goals that satisfy their income needs as well as your business needs.

✓ Be more confident with your Brand, product/services knowledge and be able to up-sell products and cross-sell services.

✓ Be proactive sellers (not just reactive).

✓ Enjoy selling the soulful way!


My training style:

  • I am a people builder.
  • I believe in taking massive action to get massive results.
  • I am adaptable and know when to make a shift if it is necessary.
  • I know how to build people up to get the best performance out of them.
  • I have the skills and experience to be able to answer questions with real-life experience to draw from.

Sales Mastery Success System™ is delivered over a 90 day training period. There are training materials delivered via 3 ring binder including tutorials and worksheets and audio downloads and live in-person monthly workshops.

I will conduct a Sales Gap Analysis™ with you as the company owner or sales leader, this analysis will tell me where you are now, where you want to be and how we close the gap.


Please contact me to arrange a free introductory call to discuss your specific business needs. CLICK HERE