Get the Brilliant Business Branding Blueprint, a powerful resource to help you elevate your brand to the next level.


It’s simple, if you’re an entrepreneur you are the brand. Everything you do and everything you say represents your brand. Creating a brilliant brand will help you stand out and make more money.

I want to help you elevate your brand to the next level of success. That’s why I created the Brilliant Business Branding Package a powerful resource to help you launch, build or grow your brand.


Here’s a sneak peak at what you get:

  • Brilliant Branding Checklist, a resource to help you define what the missing elements are in your brand so that you know what to tackle next.

  • Brilliant Branding Mindset Analysis, you can’t build a brilliant, successful brand without people who believe in its capabilities. In order for your brand to grow in the marketplace, you must be a visionary with a positive mindset.

  • Brilliant Brand Strategy and Guidelines, a powerful “how-to” resource that helps you to define guidelines for building a brand with a strong foundation that will sustain business growth for the future.

  • Brilliant Branding Basics, a 101 overview of simple steps you must take before you elevate your brand so that you are not making unnecessary mistakes.

  • Brilliant Brand Marketing Strategies to help you get out there in front of your target market in the most effective way.

  • Brilliant Brand Social Media Strategies to give you the extra push you need on-line to attract more ideal clients to your brand.

  • Marketing Plan Basics, an overview of effective marketing elements that will help you make more profits with your brand.

  • Brilliant Magnetic Marketing Success Checklist, a guide to show you what you must have in your marketing plan to ensure success.

  • Brilliant Branding Worksheets, Templates and Resources to guide you through how to build, launch, grow,  and elevate your brand.

  • And so much more…

Here are the BENEFITS of ordering the Brilliant Business Branding Blueprint:


Finally, you will have a proven system that helps you…

1. Know how to monetize (i.e., make money) with your brand consistently.

2. Experience true “aha” moments and know exactly how to unleash your brilliance in new and exciting ways to build your brand.

3. Understand how to launch, build and grow your brand like never before.

4. Grasp magnetic marketing strategies that will attract your ideal clients to your brand, so that you are NOT struggling to get in front of the right people.

5. Know the most effective social media strategies that will quickly get you noticed on-line so you become famous in your niche.

6. Understand how to create a clear, catchy and compelling core messaging that speaks to your ideal clients in such a way that pulls them toward you: (so you are NOT always chasing clients).

7. Understand how to develop your brand so that it continues to grow your company’s bottom line.


Who is this for Brilliant Business Branding Blueprint for?

  1. Entrepreneurs who are ready to do the work.

  2. Entrepreneurs who are tired of being the best kept secret in their industry.

  3. Entrepreneurs who want to build a brand that serves them and supports their goals, mission and lifestyle.

  4. Entrepreneurs who are tired of hiring business coaches that provide fluff and no real actionable, content that will teach you the ropes.

  5. Entrepreneurs who are ready to get results.


What do you get?

The Brilliant Business Branding Blueprint comes in a 3 Ring Binder, your very own DIY kit, full of training materials and worksheets to guide you along the process of building a BRILLIANT BRAND.

Don’t wait another minute, you deserve to have a brand that gets you noticed and gets you paid!


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Client Testimonials:


“Lori is a class act. All of her training programs, workshops and events are top notch. If you want to get your hands on valuable content that will help you grow your business for a reasonable price, invest in working with Lori. After working with Lori, I gained new high paying clients that I didn’t have before.” -Tarshish Jordan, Tarshish Image Consulting


“Marketing and branding are two of the most difficult parts of launching and growing a business. I am so happy that I invested in working with Lori to grow my business. She helped me to establish a brand strategy in the marketplace and helped me to create a marketing plan that has given us great exposure and new supporters. Working with Lori was definitely worth the investment.” – Angela Lindsey, Total Teen Icons


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