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Book Synopsis:

Divine Downloads, Loriology®: 33 Lessons On Life Love, & Leadership, is a collection of 33 insightful and original revelations from author, speaker and business coach, Lori A. Manns. Divine Downloads, Loriology, was designed to help you reach your purpose, fulfill your divine destiny and inspire you to achieve the full potential of all that you were created to be, do and have. Sometimes life hinders us from accomplishing our goals and God given assignments. Disappointing things like death, divorce, downsizing, disease or other devastating life occurrences may happen. However, it doesn’t have to stop you from achieving your goals and living an abundant life. Divine Downloads: Loriology offers a roadmap to help you not just survive, but thrive as you seek to achieve your hearts desires and reach your divine destiny. The main lesson is to stay connected to the Divine Source who created you, God. When you seek direction from the Divine Source, you will always have the inner compass to guide your pathway to purpose, prosperity and fulfillment. Divine Downloads, Loriology will guide you along your journey and remind you of the most important lessons on life, love and leadership.


TECH MAGIC: How to Launch, Grow and Scale Your Business Leveraging Technology

Contributing authors: Carol J. Dunlop, Renee Coakley, Selena Teems, Alicia Couri, Lori A. Manns, Kynia Starkey, Nadine Mullings, Tina R. Bolden, Edie Clarke, Dee Harrison, and Lisa C. Williams.

Book Synopsis

Inside the pages of Tech Magic, you will meet an all-star cast of female entrepreneurs and CEOs of color. They share their “Tech Magic “, the platforms and technologies they used to launch, grow, and scale their business across a wide variety of industries. Tech Magic will serve as a virtual mentor to help you run a more profitable business.

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