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Sponsorship Sales Secrets Course


The Sponsorship Sales Secrets Training Course is the #1 resource you will need to learn  how to get sponsors and grow your business in record time.

Lori combines her 30+ years of sales experience to teach you the nuts and bolts of sales mastery as well as the art of relationship building when it comes to securing sponsorship.

In this course you will learn:

  • The Foundation of Sales, the fundamentals of the selling
  • How to Perform a Sales Audit 
  • Sales Pitch Mastery
  • Forming and developing Sales Connections
  • How to Craft a Winning Sponsorship Proposal
  • The Sales Close – How to Get the Money and Close the Deal


Trailblazer CEO Masterclass


In order to operate your small business effectively you need a profitable business model.

In 6 weeks, I will  train and teach you the foundation of solid business structure. You will learn everything from your vision, mission and value proposition to how to create profitable products and services. Finally, I will show you my framework to operate systematically and strategically so success becomes more predictable.


Strategic Marketing Course

Strategic Marketing Course

Marketing is not sleazy, deceptive or manipulative.

In the business climate today, you must be willing to put yourself out there, particularly on the Internet. The Mental game of marketing should not be ignored. It takes a proper mindset to effectively market yourself and/or your business.

In this course we will explore what it takes to develop a marketing plan that builds your brand, communicates your message and reaches new markets. We will delve into what makes a brand identity stand out and how to use that to attract the clients or customers you need.


In this course your will:

  • Learn What The Proper Mindset Is For Marketing
  • Discover Your Brand Promise and Brand Identity
  • Learn Who Your Target Market and Ideal Client Is
  • IdentifyYour Unique Sales Proposition and Core Marketing Message
  • Learn Content Creation That Makes You the Expert
  • Learn How To Create Signature Offers That Sell
  • Learn How To Promote Like a Rockstar