"It has been a pleasure doing business with you Lori for many years. The Nikki McCauley State Farm Agency has received tremendous value from partnering with your firm, and sponsoring events you've produced such as the Trailblazer Business Summit. Not only have we received new clients, but we have also received some positive publicity as well. You always do such a great job on your events., Lori. Thank you for creating such valuable experiences for entrepreneurs and small business owners, both online and in person." Nikki McCauley

Nikki McCauley
Alpharetta, GA

"It was an absolute joy working with Dr. Lori in the Trailblazer CEO Masterclass. The training was amazing. Dr. Lori provides practical, creative and "outside the box" business lessons and marketing strategies that have confirmed and enhanced my strategic business goals this year. I personally found Dr. Lori to be authentic, knowledgeable, and one who truly cares that her students get it. She pours such love, wisdom, and guidance into her training and it is exceptional. She's the real deal! Thank you, Dr. Lori, for sharing your ministry with our TCM cohort." Core' Cotton, A Woman Evolved

Core' Cotton
Charlotte, NC

"I am so glad I enrolled in the Trailblazer CEO Masterclass. Dr. Lori is a marketing and sales master. She takes her time to make sure her clients understand the training material which is presented in a very creative manner. Before the masterclass, I was unclear about how to monetize my programs and services effectively.  After the masterclass, I had clarity and a formula to create a profitable business model.  The masterclass covered the business strategies and structure I needed to take my business to the next level. Dr. Lori breaks down complex business concepts, so they become easy to process and understand. Thank you, Dr. Lori. I loved your masterclass! Using the strategies you taught, I've already acquired a brand-new early childhood education client. Now, I have the information I need to succeed." Dr. Karen Dukes, DukesWay Academy

Dr. Karen Dukes
Atlanta, Georgia

"I enjoyed my experience working with Quality Media Consultant Group. Lori is an awesome business coach and marketing strategist who challenged me to shift my mindset to level up in my business. As a romantic suspense author, Lori taught me business and marketing strategies to increase my brand visibility, identify my dream clients, and create products and services that will increase my cash flow. She also gave me clarity in creating my brand story and stressed the importance of adding value to my target audience. I gained a lot of knowledge about marketing and  how to successfully apply the strategies tailored for my business. Without hesitation, I would definitely recommend the Trailblazer CEO Masterclass because Lori is a professional who will help you build a profitable business model!"

Deliah Lawrence
Baltimore, MD

"I am so happy I joined the Trailblazer CEO Masterclass. From the training, there were many takeaways that helped me grow my business. On top of that, I landed 3 new catering gigs, got new leads and increased my brand exposure on social media including my followers on FB and IG. All of this has resulted in an increase in my income. The strategies Lori teaches, really work. I definitely recommend this training program." Chef Kitura, All About the Mini's

Chef Kitura Smith
Atlanta, GA

"I enjoyed the Trailblazer CEO Masterclass, and I am grateful that I made the investment in myself and my business. I have been in business for a little over a year. While I have had some success, I knew that I needed a clear strategy to increase my brand awareness and revenue. This six-week course was full of eye-opening information.

Lori presented the information in a manner that was easy to grasp. Weekly homework assignments ensured that each entrepreneur had an understanding of the information presented. She was available to review homework and answer questions, which was very helpful. As a result of being in the masterclass, I increased my email list by 262% , gained new followers on FB and IG but most importantly, secured new clients which has increased my income.

Entrepreneurship has its challenges. If you are struggling, I highly recommend the Trailblazer CEO Masterclass to help you gain the clarity and strategies that will assist you in your business." Brenda R. Coone, Ms Craft Princess Designs

Brenda Coone
Prattville, AL

"I can't say enough about the Trailblazer CEO Masterclass. This training was phenomenal and helped me to take my business to another level. Lori breaks down complex business principles into easy, digestible concepts. I was blown away by the level of content and caliber of the training Lori teaches. In this masterclass, I learned how to create a marketing strategy that has provided me with new leads, new clients and repeat sales from existing clients.  I highly recommend this training program." J. Morris Coffee, J Star Studio Salon

J. Morris Coffee
Atlanta, GA

"My overall objective to obtaining consulting services with Lori Manns and Quality Media Consultant Group (QMC Group) was to expand my personal brand and professional network, in efforts to develop a standout platform that will lead to future career advancement and entrepreneurship. My experience was great. Lori under promised and overdelivered. Her professionalism and results far surpass stellar. I highly recommend QMC Group to anyone seeking to advance your business or career to the next level. Since working with Lori, my professional network grew by 69 percent, which has led to two new business deals that can enhance my professional portfolio.

Prior to working with Lori, I had a small inactive professional network, with minimal recognition from industry peers and no online leads for new business. After working with Lori, not only did I grow my network, I have received new leads consistently. I am overly impressed with the results I've experienced after working with Lori. If you want proven quality results, hiring Lori Manns is a must."

Thomasine Jones
Atlanta, GA

"Before working with Lori, I was unsure about the strategies I needed to attract my ideal clients and generate more money in my business. After the Trailblazer CEO Masterclass, I have clarity, confidence and a new strategy for acquiring dream clients. I've already received new leads as a result of implementing a few of the strategies Lori teaches. Now I can see that my financial goals are achievable just by applying what I've learned through Lori's coaching. I would recommend hiring Lori and signing up for the Trailblazer CEO Masterclass to any business owner seeking more income and revenue for their business and unsure how to obtain it. Lori's training helped me to create a winning strategy for my business." Patryce Curtis, PC Eval Consulting

Patryce Curtis
Stone Mountain, GA

"Speaking with Lori was my first experience with a professional business coach. She is wonderful. She has a brilliant way of working with clients to gain clarity and set a direction for the next step in the entrepreneurial journey. Our session was full of golden nuggets. Before the call, I was consumed and overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas. . After speaking with her, I am both relieved and excited to get started on the next step.  I feel confident we can work together on a successful plan." Angela Carter, Dance Genius

Angela Carter
Los Angeles, CA

"I am so grateful for my revenue strategy session with Lori. I took directions and applied the marketing strategies she offered me and it paid off. On Small Business Saturday our 1-hour doorbuster earned us what we usually make on a normal 8 hr day. I can see the value in working with a business coach like Lori and I'm so excited for the future." Roshawn Buxton, Ms. Ro's Dance Closet.

Roshawn Buxton
Atlanta, GA

"Before working with you Lori, I did not have a solid marketing plan or strategy in place. I absolutely love the marketing plan you wrote for me. I will gladly recommend you to others. Thanks for showing me how I can grow my brand, impact and income." Dr. Linda Wiley

Dr. Linda Wiley
Atlanta, GA

"I'm glad I signed up for the Trailblazer Business Bootcamp. I would recommend this program to entrepreneurs looking for guidance to grow their business. The bootcamp training covers useful information from a to z as far as running a profitable business. Before working with Lori, I was not networking online or getting clients online, after working with Lori I have implemented online marketing strategies, received several leads and attracted potential ideal clients all during the course of the training program. I can't wait to implement all of the growth strategies Lori teaches because I am excited to see the results." Evonya Easley, Love E Fashion

Evonya Easley
Atlanta, GA

"I am so glad that I made the decision to work with Lori. Before my VIP strategy session, I was unsure about how to draft our business model, marketing and branding strategy as well as sales plan. After just one VIP session with Lori, I had clarity on the best steps to launch our project in a strategic manner. Lori wrote a brilliant brand strategy along with a marketing plan that will enable my organization to become successful. With Lori's guidance, we will not only create a strong brand but a profitable business. I would recommend Lori's services in a heartbeat because she is a force to be reckoned with, not only does she know branding, marketing and sales, she is honest, thorough and a secret weapon for any entrepreneur who wants to win." Lue Lue Korrell, Peachtree Comedy Festival

LueLue Korrell, Peachtree Comedy Festival LLC
Atlanta, GA

"I can't say enough about the VIP experience with Lori. It was amazing! If you want to create a winning brand plan for your business, give Lori a call. She can take your idea and give you structure and strategy on how to market and sell to your target audience. She’s firm and holds you accountable and that is what most of us need. Thank you Lori! I am so excited to have your insight, expertise and accountability on this journey!" Dr. Jerrica Dodd, Jerrica Speaks Life Coaching

Dr. Jerrica Dodd
Atlanta, GA

"The Sponsorship Sales Secrets Training that Lori does is awesome. Before the training, I was unsure of how to go about getting sponsors for my business. After the training,I developed a better understanding about how to pitch sponsors as well as position my my projects and events. After taking action and implementing the training materials, I secured an in-kind sponsor valued at over $10,000. Now I know I can get future sponsors for my projects and events." Dina L. Wells, The D Atlanta Events

Dina L. Wells
Atlanta, GA

"My VIP Strategy Session with Lori was just what I needed to get focused and learn how to drive sales in my business. I received clarity about my unique selling proposition and how to deliver a compelling sales pitch that results in new leads and clients. More importantly, I was given actionable tools and strategy suggestions to help me position my brand and my business for growth and future success." Pam Balentine, Viking Financial CPA Services

Pam Balentine, Viking Financial CPA
Atlanta, GA

"I'm so happy I decided to register for the Trailblazer Business Mastermind. The program has helped me to grow my business systematically and with purpose. The content Lori offers is strategic, thorough and easy to implement. Having access to an expert coach to get guidance and accountability has been priceless and very beneficial to me. I'm getting more ideal clients and not trying to serve everyone. Lori knows marketing and sales and she is able to help you turn your weakness into a strength. I wholeheartedly recommend the Trailblazer Business Mastermind."

Kimberly Ormsby - VIP Staging Atlanta
Atlanta, GA

"Before working with Lori, I didn't have an established brand or consistent core messaging. I needed to learn who I was as a business owner, the value I brought to the table and how to package my offerings. After working with Lori, I lost my brand shame and found my purpose in entrepreneurship. I was able to create a brand and website that I'm proud of as well as attract new paying clients with packages that met their needs and rewarded me for my expertise. I highly recommend Lori and her training programs; the Marketing for Trailblazers Bootcamp and the Trailblazer Business Mastermind." -Nyasha "Sha" Wooling

Nyasha Wooling, RYSE
Atlanta, GA

"Lori is an awesome business consultant and always the epitome of professionalism. She has taught me so much about best practices to brand myself, sell my services and attract new clientele using smart marketing strategies. After my work with Lori, I am proud to say that I gained new clients. I highly recommend her services."

Luretia Dany Craig, Red Robin Realtors
Atlanta, GA

"I'm glad I made the decision to work with Lori. Before working with Lori I was doing very well as a premier real estate agent in Atlanta. However, I knew I could be doing better. After signing up for VIP consulting, I realized what I was missing. I had major issues with marketing myself, business development and mindset issues which kept me from getting out of my own way. After working with Lori, I upgraded my revenue acceleration plan and closed 5 new properties (and one of them was a million dollar luxury listing in a coveted neighborhood), all within just a few months of Lori's strategic training. If you're ready to improve your results, shift to a winner's mindset and make more money, you must work with Lori."

Tangela Clark Lamptey, TC Lux Homes LLC
Atlanta, GA

"Lori is an awesome business coach who cares about helping her clients succeed. I've received tremendous value from attending her workshops and training events, particularly the Sponsorship Sales Secrets conference where she teaches entrepreneurs proven strategies to obtain corporate sponsors. I highly recommend you work with Lori if you want to grow your business."

Laurie Sossa, Southern Barter Club
Buford, GA

"Lori Manns works tirelessly to ensure that her clients succeed. I have found her programs (both in-person trainings and e-courses) very helpful as my research firm continues to grow. Lori brings great insight and solid expertise to every interaction she has with her clients and partners. I highly recommend working with Lori for your marketing and business development needs!"

Dr. Shanesha Brooks Tatum, Creative Research Solutions
Tucker, GA