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In this strategy sesssion, we will discuss your fastest path to awareness, visibility, and brand domination. I’ll help you to get noticed, so you can quickly gain the attention of your target audience and ideal clients. You’ll learn fast-track strategies to help you attract your tribe and position yourself as the expert and authority they are looking for so they will be motivated to buy. This session comes with a 35-page branding workbook with templates and tools to help you build a brilliant brand. Get your copy today.

Brilliant Branding Strategy Session

Profitable Business Toolkit


THE PROFITABLE BUSINESS TOOLKIT is being offered for a special rate only for a limited time.

Lori’s signature events are:

Trailblazer Business Summit™ – held annually (April)

Sponsorship Sales Secrets Live™ – held annually (Sept)

Sponsorship Sales Secrets Workshop – USA Tour (held annually/Summer)

Mindset, Marketing & Money Workshop -varies

Trailblazer Business Luncheon – held quarterly

All events are held in the metropolitan Atlanta area unless otherwise noted.

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