Ready to launch, grow or elevate your brand? Brilliant brands just don't happen. You need a brilliant and bankable brand strategy! Allow me to show you how to go from a basic to a brilliant brand on a shoestring budget!


Without sales in your business you don't have a business, it's more like a hobby. Learn the fundamentals of sales mastery to elevate your revenue to the next level of success.


Sponsorship Selling may be the new revenue stream you need to scale your business and increase revenue. Are you tired of paying for your own projects and events? It's time to learn best practices to partner and work with sponsors. Schedule a consultation call to learn more about Sponsorship Sales Secrets System™ training.


Known as the Magnetic Marketing and Soulful Sales Coach, Lori A. Manns is an award-winning, high energy, dynamic and successful entrepreneur. As a speaker and author, she is passionate about educating entrepreneurs and small business owners how to build, enhance and grow revenue. If you want your audience to be empowered, engaged, educated and inspired, hire Lori for your next event. Manns brings over 25 years of sales, advertising and marketing communications experience to deliver memorable experiences for the audience. Whether it's a large group or intimate setting, you can depend on Lori to deliver compelling content in a vibrant and engaging manner to electrify your audience and leave them wanting more.


Ready to emerge into your greatness? Want to excel in life and in business? Excited about the possibility of elevating to that next level of success? Building a successful business and team takes time. But it all starts with a decision. The decision is yours. You will not become an overnight success. It will take years of learning, training and many experiences that will ultimately help to mold you into who and what you were destined to become. First and foremost, you have to DECIDE that it's time. You must make a non-negotiable decision to get up and move, jump, take action and create the life and business that you desire. It's possible. It's all within your reach, but the choice is yours. It's time to DECIDE, MOVE & ACT! If you're ready to share your gifts with the world in a BIGGER way, I'm ready to help you get there!


Attend a business conference, workshop, seminar or retreat hosted by Lori and you'll be glad you did. All events are catered to trailblazing entrepreneurs with uncompromising ambition to be the best they can be. Boost your mindset, marketing and your money... and of course your profits. Attend one of Lori's content-rich, events and learn the secrets to speed past your competition and get to the next level of success whatever that is for you. Lori's signature events are: Sponsorship Sales Secrets™, Trailblazer Business Summit, Marketing For Trailblazers™, Mindset, Marketing & Money™.



7 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in Sales!
Learn Steps to Grow Your Revenue & Elevate Your Life & Business as an Uncompromising Entrepreneur.

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